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Michael "Winkey" Aweau

Welcome to my website. I'm just a ordinary guy who likes birds, and to hobby around. This is my newest project.   My wife thinks I sometimes try and over think things. I dont think so, well maybe, but not really.  

Here you'll find lots of pictures of my grandson and maybe some other artsy photos. I like to think I have a little talent for taking a photograph. 

There mabe be a little info from my wife from time to time, while I am over thinking something she tries to cope.  She likes to read and cook, so you could find a book chat, recipes, household hints & some random thoughts she thinks are important. 

At all times remember that this is a work in progress.


I would like to try and list e-mail addressees to as many of the family that will get them to me.  So send me your e-mail address and web site address with your name and address. If you don’t mind it being published on this wed site 







Give me some more to put on …

Me and Tweety .....Tweety is the one on the left

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Thank You


Peggy's Corner

If I can get her to write somethings